Supergiant brings The Chaos Update to Hades

Supergiant Games has released its first major update for its fantastic roguelike, Hades. The update, known as The Chaos Update, has added a whole host of new features and balance changes to the ever-evolving game, which is currently in early access on the Epic Game Store.

The Chaos Update introduces players to a new character named Primordial Chaos. Chaos acts slightly differently to the other gods in Hades, granting boons that have both a positive and negative effect, at least for a short time. The negative effects for picking up a Chaos boon last for a limited number of encounters, adding an extra layer of decision making when choosing and creating a character build.

For players looking for a greater challenge, the Infernal Contract has been added to Zag’s bedroom. Here, you can apply modifiers with a new resource called Heat that increases the difficulty of each run. These can, of course, be turned on and off at the start of each run, and they can also be ranked up in a similar way to that of the upgrade mirror.

Zag himself has had an overhaul, with thousands of frames of animation being improved to “bring our protagonist in line with the game’s visual style.”

In-game content sees a new encountered added, namely The Perfect Clear Encounter, which will require players to clear a room without being hit – the reward for that room will only be granted if you’re successful. A few new enemies have also been added: The Skull-Crusher, The Gorgon, and the Megagorgon make appearances to vary combat encounters.

A much-needed resource exchange has also been added to the House of Hades. The Wretched Broker will allow players to unfavorably exchange one resource for another – very helpful for those players still upgrading their mirror.

On top of these major additions, The Chaos Update has included a great many smaller improvements and changes. These can be found in the patch notes posted on the Hades Reddit here.

We’re huge fans of Hades here at Buff Nerf Repeat, and while we are a little disappointed at the lack of an additional level or weapon, we can’t help but be equally impressed with the sheer size of The Chaos Update. As someone with over 30 completed runs, the Pact of Punishment is something that I’m very much looking forward to trying out. In the next few days I will be noting my thoughts on this update in greater detail, just give me a chance to play a little first. Until then, Happy Escapes!



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