Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is the fastest selling Nintendo console game in Europe

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate topped the UK chart last week and now it’s been named the fastest selling Nintendo console game in Europe. Nintendo really have smashed this one out the park.

The news was broken by Nintendo themselves on the official Nintendo Twitter page, where they said “Thank you for making Super #SmashBrosUltimate the fastest-selling Nintendo home console game of all time in Europe!”. This is a seriously impressive feat for Nintendo, especially considering the stat encompasses every console they’ve released (excluding handhelds).

In the US, Smash Bros. Ultimate has been performing almost as well, becoming the fastest selling Switch title ever, selling an impressive 3 million copies in just 11 days.

As well as Smash Bro sales, Nintendo has also been the top-selling publisher of 2018, which is equallyif not even moreimpressive.

I’m really excited for the direction the Switch is heading. More popular third party games are being ported over on almost a monthly basis and indie developers are really taking a shining to the platform, which is providing us Switch owners with almost a constant stream of brilliant games.

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