Fortuna’s first big content update ‘The Profit Taker’ is out now on PC, and it includes a spider boss

Console players have only recently got their hands on the Fortuna update and now PC players have another batch of content to sink their teeth into. The update can be downloaded right now, for free via the Warframe client or Steam.

The Profit Taker introduces new missions, one new Warframe and cool robotic spiders, as well as new weapons and mods.

The key addition in this update is the ‘Profit-Taker’, which is a giant spider boss described by Digital Extremes as “one of the Fortuna’s biggest enemies”. To take on this new boss you’ll need to get your hands on one of the new ‘Archguns’, which can be earned by completing the new missions which accompany the update. These ‘Archguns’ aren’t exactly new to the gameyou’ve been able to use them in space for some timebut this is the first time you’ll be able to wield them on your Warframe while on foot.

As mentioned above, there’s also a new Warframe included in the update; Baruuk is able to go all Jigglypuff and send enemies to sleep. It’s also able to summon deadly daggers that will hone in on and destroy enemy guns.

Finally, three new Echo-Lures have been added to Warframe, which must be used to save three new creatures. Once you have done this you will be rewarded with new Floofs and a Conservation Badge.

That’s all the major additions to the game, but there have also been new mods, weapons and customisation items added, but none of any significant note. You can read the full update notes on the Warframe website.

As the title suggests, this update is currently only available on PC. However, Digital Extremes has said that the update will arrive on the Xbox and PS4 soon (which we assume is within the next month). The update won’t drop on the Switch until early 2019.



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