Super Mario Maker 2 gets a course limit increase

Super Mario Maker 2 has reached a significant milestone – 10 million player-created courses have now been uploaded to Nintendo’s servers.

To celebrate, Nintendo has upped the games course limit to 100. The game originally had a course limit of 32, which Nintendo then upped to 64. This latest celebratory increase now gives players an extra 36 slots for created courses, which should keep people busy for a hefty chunk of time.

The course limit increase comes just a month after Super Mario Maker 2 got a big update which added The Legend of Zelda’s infamous Master Sword to the game. Picking up the Master Sword transforms the player into Link, which grants the ability to attack with his sword, block with his shield, perform a dash attack, perform a downward thrust, or use other classic Zelda abilities such as bombs or a bow and arrow. That update also added a bunch of new course parts such as Dash blocks and P blocks and the new Ninji Speedrun mode where players compete in timed challenge courses against other players.



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