Link is coming to Super Mario Maker 2 on Thursday

Super Mario Maker 2 is getting another update on Thursday 5th December, and the standout addition is distinctly Zelda-themed.

Specifically, the update will add The Legend of Zelda series’ infamous Master Sword to the game. If you pick up the Master Sword, Mario will transform into Hyrule’s favourite hero, Link. It’s not just a cosmetic change, however, as becoming Link will also grant the player an entire suite of new abilities from Link’s playbook. These include attacking with your sword, blocking with your shield, performing a dash attack, and performing a downward thrust. Link can also make use of his other classic weapons such as bombs and his trusty bow and arrow.

Outside of all of the Zelda shenanigans, the update will also add the new Ninji Speedrun mode. In this mode, players from around the world will compete with each other in timed challenge courses which have been made by Nintendo. Just to confuse you, you’ll see loads of other players’ Ninji ghosts running the course alongside you, which should give you some idea of how you’re stacking up against other players as you’re racing through the course. Nintendo said that they will be adding new courses to the mode “periodically”.

Finally, the update will also add a bunch of new course parts from the Mario series. These include Dash blocks, which give Mario a temporary speed boost; P Blocks, which causes invisible P blocks to solidify or solid blocks to turn invisible; and Frozen Coin, which is a coin-filled ice block which will thaw out when it comes into contact with fire. There are also two new enemies being added in the update: Spike spits out an iron ball which can either kill you or be used to your advantage, while Pokey is a cactus-like enemy made up of spikey spheres.

Super Mario Maker 2’s next free update releases on Thursday 5th December.

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