Steam is getting a remote play function for local multiplayer

Steam is getting a new function that will allow you to play local multiplayer games online. It’s called Remote Play Together, and it will launch for Steam Beta in the week of October 21st.

The feature is going to use existing technologies already used with Steam Remote Play, and is specifically designed for games that don’t feature online multiplayer capabilities. With Remote Play Together, players will be able to use the Steam Overlay to invite their friends to play any local multiplayer or co-op game without having to be in a room together. Although this effectively makes any game that supports multiplayer playable online, the game will act as though you are playing local multiplayer, which means certain games will use a split-screen view as if you were playing on the same screen.

Basically, you’ll be able to play with your friends as if you were sitting side by side on the same machine, without actually having to sit side by side on the same machine. Even better is the fact that only the host player needs to own the game, which means that the other (up to) four players won’t have to fork out a penny to play. If there’s a local multiplayer game that you and a group of pals are interested in then you could even split the cost four ways to save yourselves some money.

Remote Play Together is coming to Steam Beta in the week beginning Monday 21st October.

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