Square Enix reveals date for E3 2019 presentation

Square Enix has revealed the date and time for their E3 2019 presentation.

It’s going to take place at 2am BST on Tuesday 11th June, or 9pm ET/6pm PDT on Monday 10th June if you’re reading this from across the pond. Square Enix announced the date and time over on their Twitter account, receiving a somewhat mixed reaction from fans who still have last years presentation fresh in their mind. That presentation made absolutely no mention of the two Square Enix projects that gamers are most eager to hear about, namely the Final Fantasy 7 Remake and the Avengers project, instead focusing on the upcoming Babylon’s Fall and The Quiet Man, which was received just as flatly as the E3 presentation itself.

Understandably then, fans are once again hoping to hear something about those two projects this time around. All of the signs are good – there’s a Final Fantasy 7 concert taking place in LA a few days before the event, which seems like a great precursor to some FF7 Remake news, and it would be a huge missed opportunity to not give us some details on the Avengers game so soon after Endgame has a run in the cinemas. We still know nothing about the Avengers game, so it would be good to hear any details about what type of game it will be and how it will play; my money would be on the game being an RPG, but we’ll have to wait and see.

We’ll be keeping you up to date with all of the news that comes out of E3 (I have some late nights ahead), so be sure to check  back to keep up to date with all of the latest announcements.







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