Sega acquires Two Point Studios (the company behind Two Point Hospital)

Sega has acquired the British studio Two Point Studios—who are best known for developing Theme Hospital’s spiritual successor Two Point Hospital—for an undisclosed fee. This acquisition makes Sega an even bigger player in the strategy genre, adding another top flight strategy game to their already long list of games which includes Total War, Dawn of War, Football Manager, and more.

Two Point Studios was established in 2016 by Lionhead veterans Gary Carr, Mark Webley, and Ben Hymers, two of which were also part of Bullfrog and had worked on the original Theme Hospital game. Two Point Studios had already been working with Sega in a publishing capacity via the Sega Searchlight program, which is in place to find new development studios to work with.

Two Point Studios will now be fully integrated with Sega Europe, the same place where other studios including Relic Entertainment and Sports Interactive have already found a home.

It’s usually sad to see smaller development studios get swallowed up by a behemoth, but in Two Point Studios case I think it will be a good move. Sega has a good history of allowing smaller studios to carry on developing the games they love, and Two Point Studios has already promised that they will create more “exciting management sims” in the future.

I’m a massive fan of Two Point Hospital as you might be able to tell by my Two Point Hospital review, and if you haven’t played it yet but you enjoy strategy games then I implore you to give it a try, especially if you were a fan of Theme Hospital, the hospital sim developed by Bullfrog which released way back in 1997, as Two Point Hospital is its spiritual successor.






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