Cities: Skylines ‘Campus’ update coming this month

Colossal Order, the studio behind Cities: Skylines, has announced a new expansion pack for the game called Campus, which will see you—as the name suggests—take control of the education for your fellow citizens.

Education is already a mechanic in Cities: Skylines, but as with the Industries DLC which came out last year the new Campus expansion aims to build on these mechanics, adding in a lot more options and buildings, and more specifically universities, for the player to manage. The expansion will allow you to create a whole new area just for education, including student accommodation and the ability to designate campuses as either Trade School, Liberal Arts, or University. You can watch the full release trailer below:

By creating a campus that students want to attend and creating Academic Works in the campuses, you’re able to increase your reputation and unlock an array of new buildings, including nine faculties and sports arenas such as football, basketball, baseball, swimming, and track & field. With each of these sports you’re able to manage teams by customizing their kits, hiring coaches, and taking care of the cheerleaders, and you’re then able to sell tickets to the sporting events.

As well as new buildings there will also be graduation ceremonies and seven new policies, such as book fairs and the ability to offer research grants. To top it all off, the expansion will ship with 5 new maps for you to play on.

If this expansion follows the same path as the industries expansion with intricate details for you to micromanage (which judging by what we’ve seen of it so far it does) then I am very much looking forward to it.

The Campus expansion will launch on Tuesday 21st May and will set you back £10.29/$12.99. It will, of course, first launch on the PC with no date set for a console release as of yet. As well as the Campus expansion there will be a few other things joining the paid-for DLC lineup; these include two new radio stations which will cost $3.99 each and a new content creator pack.



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