Red Dead Online is getting a Roles system

Rockstar has announced the details of the next update for Red Dead Online, and it’s going to be a big one.

The major change is the addition of the ability to select specialist roles for your character, which Rockstar describes as “unique paths of progression, each providing their own experience with tailored gameplay elements and benefits that will allow players to become even more deeply connected to their character and the choices they make as they inhabit the world of Red Dead Online”. The “first three” roles to be added to the game, which obviously implies that there will be more added in the future, are as follows:

Bounty Hunter – As you probably already know, Bounty Hunters track down targets who have a bounty on their heads, and either capture them or kill them “depending on how honorable you are”. Progression in this role will earn you a number of special items and abilities such as a reinforced lasso “for extra tough targets” and the ability to use Eagle-Eye while sprinting, as well as many other “special skills, items and upgrades”.

Trader – Taking on the role of a Trader will allow you to collect materials such as furs and skins and turn them into valuable goods that you can sell on for a profit. Progression in this role will earn you a Weapons Locker for your camp, a Stew Pot, and will allow a canine companion to warn you of any impending attacks on your camp, which could come in rather useful. You’ll also gain “new assets” such as a hunting wagon which can transport bigger hauls for your business.

Collector – If you’re a fan of exploration and collecting all sorts of valuable loot then the role of Collector is probably the one for you. In this role, you’ll be looking for “lost jewelry, rare arrowheads and other treasures to sell as individual pieces or highly valuable sets”. Progression in this role will earn you items that will aid you in becoming a collecting extraordinaire, such as Refined Binoculars and a Metal Detector.

It all sounds pretty fun and should add another layer to the ever-expanding world of Red Dead Online. I think Bounty Hunter sounds like the most appealing role for myself, but that’s only because I bloody love shooting people (in video games, of course).

There will also be some big “across the board” changes to both combat and movement in the update, which Rockstar hopes will “allow for a more responsive control system that still feels natural”. More damage reduction for Defensive players will also be added, and the game will now remember player preferences of whether they wish to play Offensive or Defensive, which is a nice quality-of-life change. Rockstar is also promising more lootable items throughout the world and the ability to reset your characters appearance, plus “much more”.

Speaking on the addition of Roles, Rockstar spoke about how important it will be for the long-term future of Red Dead Online:

“This fundamental change points to the long term future of Red Dead Online – a world where players coexist in an uneasy peace, choosing to band together or striking out alone, fighting to survive in a world full of threats and opportunities as they build a life for themselves on the frontier.”

Rockstar gave no information on when the update will launch.



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