Rainbow Six Siege’s Two New Operators Have Been Revealed

Operation Grim Sky is just around the corner (it starts to roll out on the test servers on PC tomorrow in fact) and we have just been given details on the next two Operators being introduced to the game.

First up is Clash—a defensive Operator—and she takes the honour for being the first defensive Operator to wield a shield (can somebody add “accidental rhyming” to my list of skills please?). The shield is massive, meaning she has to use both hands to hold it, so playing as Clash will leave you—for the most part—protecting your team from oncoming fire. The idea here is for you to be the distraction and take a lot of the flack from the enemy team while your teammates find themselves a better angle to take them down. Clash isn’t just a one trick pony though, she does carry a secondary weapon if needed and her shield is equipped with a couple of tasers that stun and do a small amount of damage. You may be sitting there thinking “well, can’t you just get behind her?” and the answer is yes. Clash is very vulnerable if a member of the opposition can flank around her, so play her with caution.

The second new Operator—Attacking this time—is Maverick, whos greatest weapon is his blowtorch (no, seriously). Maverick’s high powered blowtorch allows him to burn holes in surfaces that are just big enough to aim your weapon through but not big enough to be easily noticeable for the opposition, meaning you can take down an opponent without him having any idea what the hell just happened. If this doesn’t sound powerful enough for you, how about the fact that the blowtorch is practically inaudible and it can also burn through reinforced walls? Maverick can burn pathways through walls for your team, but it will (obviously) take a long time and there are plenty of other hard breacher Operators available that are more useful for this sort of thing, so we expect to see him used as more of a secondary hard breacher rather than the only one on your team.

Also coming in Operation Grim Sky is the rework of the Hereford map, which has been “fully reworked to provide one of the most competitive environments”.

Operation Grim Sky will begin in September.






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