Battlefield V Open Beta gets a Date

DICE has taken to the official Battlefield website to confirm the start date for the Battlefield V open beta.

All players will be able to get hands on with the new game on September 6th, with the open beta being available for a “limited time” – there’s nothing like being specific, right? If you have pre ordered Battlefield V or you subscribe to either EA Access or Origin Access then lucky you, you will be granted early access to the beta on September 4th.

Players will be able to play 64-player Conquest mode across two maps—Rotterdam or Arctic Fjord—or take part in two “days” of Grand Operations, Battlefields narrative experience that is inspired by historical events, where each “day” is represented by a round of play and players actions have a direct impact on the next round. Grand Operations will also be open to 64 players, with the Airborne and Breakthrough modes available on the Arctic Fjord map.

If you’re more interested in checking out Tides of War—the “ever evolving journey through WW2 featuring a new narrative every few months”—then there will be a five part Tides of War chapter as part of the open beta, and players who complete the chapter will earn an exclusive in-game dog tag when Battlefield V launches. Tides of War is “designed to focus on an aspect of the era, with unique gameplay experiences to drive players forward”.

Excited? Yeah, us too. We’ll see you on the Battlefield.

Battlefield V launches on Xbox One, PS4 and PC on October 19th 2018.



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