Rage 2 gets a new trailer and a May 2019 release date

Rage 2 got a new trailer at The Game Awards as well as a confirmed release date of May 14th 2019.

The trailer looks absolutely bonkers, with bright and vibrant colours seemingly replacing the more gritty tones of the original Rage, which released back in 2011. Rage 2 will be a post-apocalyptic open world experience that looks like Mad Max: Fury Road on acid, with over the top, fast-paced combat and an abundance of blood and guts seemingly being the order of the day.

Rage 2 will take place 30 years after the events of the first game “on an Earth that’s begun to recover from a global catastrophe”. The game, which will be published by Bethesda, is being developed by Avalanche Studios—the team behind the equally-bonkers Just Cause 4—and Rage developers id Software are also involved.

To be honest, I can give you as many details as you like, but this Tweet from Bethesda pretty much sums it up perfectly:

Rage 2 will release on PC, PS4 and Xbox One on May 14th 2019.



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