Path of Exile for PS4 has been delayed until Feb 2019

Grinding Gear Games (GGG) has announced that the PS4 version of Path of Exile has been delayed until early February. The reason for the delay (according to GGG) is ‘Certification’. Every game that’s released requires certification from the platform providers e.g. Nintendo, Microsoft and in this case Sony.

The game was originally due to release in December, and although GGG has said that the game will be ready, it cannot launch until it has been granted Certification by Sony. That being said, it’s not all doom and gloom, because GGG has said that there are improvements that can be made to the game with regards to performance while they wait for certification. See the release from GGG below:

“We underestimated the amount of work it would take to finish the certification process during the busy Christmas period. While we hope to have everything ready in January, we feel a lot more comfortable promising early February as a target release window. This will also give us time to work on game performance / framerate, which we feel could be improved before release.

“Again, we’re very sorry about this. We understand that many PlayStation users were keen to play Betrayal over Christmas and have been eagerly awaiting release date news. We promise that Path of Exile will be awesome on PlayStation 4 when it is released early next year.”

We’re sure Path of Exile will be worth the wait, the console port of the game on the Xbox has been well received and, in my personal opinion, gives Diablo a run for it’s money, especially considering Path of Exile is actually a free game. Check out the PS4 release trailer below:

The actual release date isn’t confirmed, GGG has simply said early February, but we will keep you updated as and when we receive any more news.






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