New raid and other content for Destiny 2 announced by Bungie

Bungie has released a road map detailing upcoming content for Destiny 2, this content will be included in Destiny 2’s annual pass which is, of course, replacing the DLC model they currently follow. Personally, for a game like Destiny that has a lot of content added to it over a number of years, I think this model is a good one. It keeps the player base together and generally simplifies things for players.

Anyway, the first bit of new content we’re going to see for Destiny 2 is ‘Black Armory’, this update will include new weapons and gear as well as a new raid which will be set in ‘Earth’s Last City’ – you will remember this place from the campaign, and now the raid gives you another reason to go back. You can view the launch trailer for this first big content update below:

According to Bungie’s road map there will also be another new raid added between June and August. As well as raids and weapons, users can also look forward to new events and vanity items, these will be included as part of the free updates.

The full road map is below:

Another interesting thing that stands out in the road map is that it looks like we’ll be seeing a power increase every three months, this is fairly standard with Destiny games but to have it confirmed is welcoming.

The annual pass will set you back £30 when purchased separately, or you can pick up both the annual pass and the Forsaken DLC for £60, which can save you some pennies if you don’t already have Forsaken (usually costs £35 alone).

If there’s one thing that Bungie does well it’s support their games with both free and paid content. However, it would have been nice to have a bit more content at launch, especially considering what happened with Destiny 1. Sure, the game was popular for a long time (especially after the big content update) but to get to that point where it was a full game it cost another £40 or more.






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