Bethesda gives 500 Atoms to customers who received a nylon bag….

Bethesda has had a hard time with Fallout 76 lately, and to be completely honest, it’s deserved, and it just keeps getting worse. Bethesda usually release great games; sure, their games have always had bugs but they’ve been great nonetheless. Fallout 76, on the other hand, is nothing more than a disaster.

First, they release a half-arsed re-skin of a game filled with more bugs than any of their other games combined, and now they’ve sent nylon bags out to customers who originally paid hundreds for the collectors edition with what was supposed to be a canvas bag. That doesn’t sound too bad, does it? But the image below explains it a little better:

Now, do you see the extent of the problem here? The bag on offer looks great, whereas the product that players have received looks crap. It actually looks a bit like one of the free covers you get with a sleeping bag; you know, those annoying covers that seem to shrink when you take the bag out so it never fits back in? Anyway, if you’re one of the unlucky punters to have bought one of these, worry not, because Bethesda are offering you 500 Atoms as a gesture of good will!

The problem here is that 500 Atoms buys you almost nothing and costs a fiver, the best you can get for 500 Atoms is a hat and, as Chris Livingston from PC Gamer pointed out, you can’t even get a canvas bag in the game for 500 Atoms, how ironic:

To top all of this off, Bethesda’s support channel has been terrible. They have claimed that the reason the bag is different is due to not being able to source the materials…

This excuse feels more like a cop-out rather than a genuine reason; there’s no canvas shortage in the world. It seems like Bethesda were just trying to save themselves a bit of money, but who in their right mind thought the fans were just going to roll over and not say anything? Did they even see the bags they sent? I feel like they couldn’t have done or they would never have gone through with sending them, especially considering they must have known that their game was sub par.

For anyone who would like to redeem the whopping 500 Atoms you can do so by contacting Bethesda here.

The whole Fallout 76 fiasco has been a PR nightmare for Bethesda, they rushed a game out and they’ve let their fans down badly, and now offering 500 Atoms as compensation for something that cost a fair bit of money is just an insult. I love Bethesda, and I’ve loved their previous games, but they really need to pull something out of the bag (excuse the pun) because they’re risking their entire fan base by treating them in this way.







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