Overwatch’s Storm Rising event begins on Tuesday 16th April

Overwatch: Storm Rising, which adds a new PvE mode to the game, will begin on Tuesday 16th April and run through until Monday 6th May.

Storm Rising is the next chapter of the Overwatch Archives event, which has previously brought us Uprising and Retribution. Both of the previous PvE modes from those two events will be replayable as part of Storm Rising, and there will also be a new PvE event based around a four-player squad—which consists of Tracer, Genji, Winston, and Mercy—heading to Cuba to try and track down an Omnic called Maximilien, who just so happens to be Doomfist’s accountant.

All of these details have been revealed through a number of tweets that have appeared over the last couple of days teasing the event. The first of these tweets half-introduced a new character, Sojourn, who sent an audio log to Commander Morrison (Soldier 76) detailing the mission, while another tweet today confirmed the date and gave us a brief glimpse of Maximilien himself.

As well as giving us a brief glimpse of Maximilien, the second tweet also gives us a quick look at the environments of Cuba. A few days ago Blizzard also teased a new Havana map, which is where the new PvE event is widely expected to take place.

As with all Overwatch events, you can also expect there to be a plethora of both new and returning cosmetics to unlock alongside the new PvE mode.

Overwatch: Storm Rising runs from Tuesday 16th April until Monday 6th May.



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