Borderlands 3 will give co-op players their own loot

If you ever played Borderlands 2 co-op then you’ll know the feeling of having to rush to a boss once you’ve killed it, or getting stupidly close to the boss when it’s about to die just so you’re first to the loot. If you didn’t know, this was because all of the loot in Borderlands 2 was shared, which means whoever picks it up first gets it. This was the cause of many broken friendships, but we won’t have to go through the same trauma as we did last time around, as Gearbox has revealed that Borderlands 3 will feature separate loot for each player.

Gearbox were quick to point out, however, that there will be an option to turn shared loot on, which is a great because if you’re playing with people that take the game seriously then it’s actually a better and more challenging way to play, as you have to manage the loot drops wisely so one player isn’t under-geared for what lies ahead:

“Of course, if you prefer to play with classic Borderlands 2 co-op rules – where loot is shared – you can choose to do so.”

On top of that, Gearbox has also said that co-op play will feature a ‘level-sync’ system which will scale enemies to players individually, similar to how The Division 2 works, which means playing with your friends is much easier as it won’t matter if they’ve bunked off work for a week to get all the best loot – when you play together you’ll be on a level playing field.

Both of these additions are great and make me personally even more excited for it to launch; not long now, September 13th, until then I’ll just go and watch the trailer for the 50th time:






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