Overwatch will be free to play next weekend

It’s bank holiday weekend next weekend (hooray!) and what better way to celebrate than to play a great game for absolutely nothing?

That’s what Blizzard is offering you the chance to do; Overwatch will be free to play on all platforms from Thursday 23rd August at 7pm (BST) until Monday 27th August at 07:59am (BST).

Players will have full access to the game with no restrictions, meaning you can try out all 28 heroes across 18 maps in every mode available. The Summer Games event is still live until August 30th, meaning free players will also have the opportunity to unlock seasonal items.

If you try out Overwatch next weekend and absolutely love it (and we’re pretty sure that you will), you may decide to open your wallet and purchase the game. If you do then we have some great news for you, all of your progress—including levels and loot box items—will transfer over from the free weekend to the full game as long as you buy Overwatch: Legendary Edition on Xbox One or PS4 or any version of Overwatch on PC.

As always though, please remember that you will need an Xbox Live Gold or PlayStation Plus subscription to be able to take part in the free weekend.







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