New maps and Pacific theater of war heading to Battlefield 5

EA and Dice announced today that Battlefield 5 will be receiving a series of new updates that will see exciting new content heading to the game in the coming months.

It all starts with Chapter 4: Defying the Odds, which will release on Thursday 27th June and add several new maps to the game. Al Sundan will be the first map, and is based on the “Under No Flag” single player mission. Al Sundan will allow players to pilot air and land vehicles in a large environment in South Africa.

The second map, Marita, will drop a month later and will see players battling in a small Greek village.

Lofoten Islands and Provence will be the third and fourth of the new maps. Both are aimed towards close-quarter combat, so expect some slightly smaller sized locations. More detail on these two new maps will be announced over the summer.

Chapter 4 will also be adding elite characters, weapons, and new skins to the game, as well as an increased maximum rank, which from August will change from 50 to 500. Each rank will reward players with currency and unique emblems, as well as new dog tags every 50 ranks.

The content doesn’t end with Chapter 4, however, with DICE giving fans a glimpse of the new theaters of war that’s heading to the game later this year with Chapter 5. Not many details were given, but what we do know is that this new theater of war will be taking players to the Pacific front.

As with Chapter 4, you can expect additional maps, weapons, items and vehicles to feature with the fifth Chapter.

Battlefield 5: Chapter 4 will release for PlayStation 4, Windows PC, and Xbox One on Thursday 27th June. Chapter 5, with the new Pacific theater, will follow later in the year.



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