Microtransactions are now available in Red Dead Online

A new update has gone live for Red Dead Online—the newly released multiplayer component of the phenomenal Red Dead Redemption 2—and the inevitable has finally happened; microtransactions are now available.

Microtransactions are available in the form of gold bars that can be bought with your real world, hard-earned money. These gold bars can be used to buy certain in-game items such as clothing and horses. It’s important to note that these items can all be earned by simply playing the game (albeit for quite a long time), but the gold will act as a shortcut to unlock them if you’re either rich or impatient. The gold is sold in the following bundles:

  • 25 Gold Bars – £9
  • 55 Gold Bars – £18.49
  • 150 Gold Bars – £45
  • 245 Gold Bars – £70
  • 350 Gold Bars – £90

Additionally, Rockstar are currently offering 25 Gold Bars for just £4 as a special, one-time offer.

It was only a matter of time before microtransactions were introduced into Rockstar’s most recent cultural phenomenon. After all, GTA Online is still going strong and earning an absolute shitload having launched over five years ago, so Rockstar will now be rubbing their hands together at the prospect of having two money-making behemoths on the go at once.

Rockstar is also offering an additional free 15 gold bars to everybody who has played the Red Dead Online beta so far as a way to say thank you. If you’re yet to try out Red Dead Online but you’re a greedy freeloader than make sure you give the game a try before Thursday 20th December to make sure you qualify for the reward. All rewards should be delivered by Monday 24th December.

There’s also a special thank you gift for players who pre-ordered Red Dead Redemption 2 or bought either the Special Edition or the Ultimate Edition. These rewards will come in the form of RDO$ gifts and will be automatically added to players balances from Friday 21st December onwards. The rewards are as follows:

  • All players who pre-ordered: RDO$100
  • Special Edition Owners: RDO$100
  • Ultimate Edition Owners: RDO$1000

Rockstar has said that they are still working on updates for Red Dead Online for early 2019 including some much-requested features such as anti-griefing measures, and there will also be new features, modes and content updates to announce in the new year. Yee-ha.



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