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Marvel’s Spider-Man gets New Game Plus

An unexpected update for Spider-Man on the PS4 has been released. This is update 1.08 and includes ‘New Game Plus’ and ‘Ultimate Difficulty’ – these features are explained in more detail below. The update is 4.7gb and should be available for you to download now, directly on your PS4.

Although the timing of this release wasn’t announced, the features within were. We have been expecting to see the New Game Plus mode soon, especially considering The Heist DLC is releasing in just 3 days, it would have been nice for Insomniac games to have announced it though…

New Game Plus

The New Game Plus mode will allow you to play through the game again from the start, however, you will still be able to keep all of your costumes, skills and upgrades, including gadgets. It’s not exactly a new concept; there’s a lot of games that have this feature. It’s usually in place to allow people to get even stronger so they can progress further in the game or to tackle the game on a harder difficulty, which brings us onto the next new addition, which, as mentioned before, is ‘Ultimate Difficulty’.

Ultimate Difficulty

Ultimate difficulty will (obviously) allow players who have already completed the game on it’s hardest difficulty to play it again, but this time it will be even more difficult. Personally, I don’t get why people do this, I’d rather just play a new game, but I guess there’s a lot of people that enjoy it, especially for a game as popular as Spider-Man.

Insomniac Games haven’t said exactly how this will actually affect the AI, but we’re hoping to see some more abilities used by the AI rather than just changes in attack damage and health. Basically, we hope they haven’t just made each mob a bullet sponge.

To start a game on Ultimate Difficulty you will need to create a new game plus file, you will then see an option for the Ultimate difficulty. But, as Insomniac games say in the difficulty description, “This setting is for expert players who enjoy a brutally difficult experience.” so if you haven’t already beat the game on ‘Spectacular’—which is the previous hardest difficulty—because you found it too challenging, don’t even bother trying to play it on Ultimate.

This new difficulty should please a lot of Spider-Man fans, as there has been a lot of complaints regarding how easy the boss fights are.

It’s good to see that Insomniac games are listening to player feedback, the changes that they have made so far are all in response to what us, the fans, are saying. If only all game studios were like that.

We’ll be covering the new Heist DLC, which, as mentioned previously, is dropping in three days. Be sure to check back here to read all the latest Spider-Man news!







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