Mario Kart Tour heads to Tokyo tomorrow

Mario Kart Tour is heading to Japan tomorrow.

The mobile phenomenon’s new Tokyo tour will begin tomorrow, Wednesday 9th October, at 7am BST/2am ET/11pm PT (Tuesday 8th October), adding a new track based on Japan’s capital city, a new Japan-themed Mario variant, and new Tour Spotlight Items. These will replace the current New York themed items that are currently available in the game.

There’s also a new (or old) track and racer coming to the game. The new character is Super Mario Galaxy’s Rosalina, who by the looks of the tweet below will be bringing the classic—and famously frustrating—track Rainbow Road with her. The incredibly colourful and equally dangerous track is difficult enough to navigate with a controller, so who knows how difficult it’s going to be on a phone. I’m expecting to spend plenty of time falling off the track.

Despite its lack of multiplayer, dubious microtransaction system, and ridiculous £4.99 monthly subscription, Mario Kart Tour has been a big success for Nintendo, becoming the companies fastest mobile launch by quite some distance. Despite its massive download numbers, the game still didn’t manage to generate as much revenue as some of Nintendo’s other mobile games, but that could all change in time.

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