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January’s PlayStation Plus games announced

Sony has revealed the first load of free games coming to PlayStation Plus in 2019. January’s games, as usual, will feature titles from the PS3 and PS Vita, as well as open-world, winter sports game Steep.

Check out the trailer for the games available in January below:

Steep is the main draw for January, but sadly it isn’t the game I would have hoped to see kicking off a brand new year for PlayStation Plus. Steep was originally released on PS4, Xbox One and PC in 2016, receiving rather mixed reviews from critics. A winter sports game is also fairly niche, which you would think might have affected its popularity. This wouldn’t necessarily be a concern if it wasn’t for the fact that the game focuses heavily on online competition between players.

Popular action-RPG Portal Knights is my pick of titles for January. This Minecraft-like experience from Keen Games is an absolute blast to play in multiplayer, featuring sandbox crafting and building, with some fun combat thrown in for good measure. Portal Knights has improved a fair bit from it’s 2016 launch, with it receiving very positive reviews over on Steam.

The rest of the titles in the January lineup are fairly lackluster, however. Last-gen titles, Zone of the Enders HD Collection and Amplitude get one last hurrah, with PS Vita titles “Fallen Legion: Flames of Rebellion” and “Super Mutant Alien Assault” making up the numbers.

The best news, however, was that of Warframe freebies. Sony wants fans to know that they can secure the Warframe: PlayStation Plus Booster Pack III until January 15, 2019. This comes with 100 Platinum, 100,000 Credits, Quanta, Quanta Obsidian Skin, 7-Day Affinity Booster, and a 7-Day Credit Booster to add further value to the PlayStation Plus membership. With Warframe being the best game featured in January, the pack should prove to be very popular.



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