It’s double XP weekend on Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

It’s the season for giving, and Treyarch is doing just that. We all love a good double XP weekend, don’t we? Well, good news, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is having one this very weekend.

That doesn’t just mean standard XP either, double weapon XP will also be active in multiplayer. It’s not just limited to multiplayer though, double XP will also be active in Zombies and double merit points will be up for grabs in Blackout. The news was announced via Treyarch’s Twitter account:

For the British amongst us, that means that double XP will become active at 6pm GMT.

Double XP will give all of the Christmas noobs (sorry) a chance to fly up the levels quickly and unlock some gear to help them compete better in the games traditional multiplayer component. The double XP weekend will end at the same time on January 1st (happy new year everybody).

Also, Blackout players will have noticed that Zombies seemed to go missing last week. Well, they were on their Christmas holidays, and now they’re back, complete with festive Santa hats and everything. The Farm has also become a spawn point for our undead foes.



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