Hunt: Showdown is coming to the Xbox Game Preview Program

Hunt: Showdown, the well-received co-op shooter from Crysis developer Crytek, is coming to the Xbox Game Preview Program this Spring.

That announcement comes by the way of a short, atmospheric, teaser trailer that was released earlier today. Check it out below:

Hunt: Showdown mixes both PvP and PvE gameplay together, tasking up to 10 players (either in solo or in five teams of 2) with hunting down a monster in the swamps of Louisiana. Once somebody slays the monster and claims the bounty they instantly become a target for all other players, in a “hunter becomes the hunted” kind of scenario.

The game released on Steam in Early Access over a year ago and has received a pretty positive reception in terms of the general gameplay, with a lot of praise being directed at the gun play and the atmosphere, but there has also been a lot of complaints about unbalanced matchmaking and the demanding system requirements (which shouldn’t really come as a surprise – this is Crytek, after all). The game has also struggled to maintain a decent-sized player base on Steam which has made it difficult for new players to get involved, so hopefully the Xbox One version will pick up more users.

Hunt: Showdown will launch on the Xbox Game Preview Program this Spring.

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