Hitman 2’s 2019 roadmap revealed

IO Interactive has given players a glimpse at the road ahead for Hitman 2 in 2019, and it includes new locations, missions, and more.

There will be another new Sniper Map called The Prison which will release in Fall, while new locations called The Bank and The Resort will release in Summer and Fall respectively. The Bank will be available to Silver Edition owners, but you’ll have to have Gold to get access to The Prison and The Resort. IO says that each of these new locations will “bring new targets, challenges and mastery unlocks that can be used in all locations”.

The roadmap also shows a number of new Special Assignments (two of which are locked behind the Gold Edition) that will release throughout the year, as well as seasonal themes, new Ghost Modes, and new weapons and outfits, including a Flamingo Costume. Check out the roadmap below:

IO Interactive has said that this road map does only display the highlights of the new content, so players should expect there to be even more additions to the game aside from what is shown above. IO is promising to continue having monthly roadmaps and livestreams throughout the year, and they’ll be discussing the future content of the game during their next monthly livestream which is currently scheduled for Monday 29th April.



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