Star Wars Pinball is coming to the Nintendo Switch

Star Wars Celebration has begun today, and while PC, Xbox One, and PS4 owners are impatiently awaiting the full reveal of Jedi: Fallen Order, Switch owners have been left desperate to get a Star Wars game of their own. Well, fear not, as Zen Studios has saved the day and confirmed that they will be bringing Star Wars Pinball to the Switch in September 2019! Great, right?

In the news that absolutely nobody was waiting for, Zen confirmed that they will be bringing their entire collection of 19 Star Wars-themed tables to Nintendo’s console, with tables spanning across all eras of the franchise, the full list of which is as follows:

  • Movie Adaptations: Episodes IV, V, VI, VII and VIII, plus Rogue One and Solo: A Star Wars Story
  • TV Adaptations: Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Star Wars Rebels
  • Characters: Han Solo, Darth Vader, The Calrissian Chronicles, Boba Fett, Droids
  • Locations: Ahch-To Island, Battle of Mimban)
  • Themes: Jedi vs. Sith (Masters of the Force), X-wings vs. TIE fighters (Starfighter Assault), being the bad guy (Might of the First Order)

Want a trailer for it? No? Have one anyway.

The game will make full use of the “unique properties” of the Switch, so HD Rumble and vertical orientation will both be implemented. The Switch version will be getting some exclusive modes too, with the community-focused Galactic Struggle mode allowing you to contribute points to the light or dark side, while a new Career mode will allow you to progress through 50 ranks of either the Jedi or the Sith. How exciting. Who needs Jedi: Fallen Order?

Okay, okay, I’ll stop being sarcastic now. I appreciate that some people enjoy a good pinball game, but I can’t help but feel that Switch owners are getting short changed again. While players on other consoles are looking forward to a single-player action-adventure Star Wars game, Nintendo players get to knock a ball around a table with a picture of Kylo Ren in the background. I’m sure some people are looking forward to this, but I’m even more sure that the majority of players will think this is a load of bullsith. (sorry)

Star Wars Pinball will release on the Nintendo Switch on Friday 13th September in both physical and digital format.



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