Hitman 2 gets winter-themed content update

Hitman 2 has gone all winter-ish, as game update 2.13 sees the introduction of the Snow Festival, which will run through until February 12th.

The Snow Festival introduces a new mission for owners of the Legacy Pack that takes Agent 47 to Hokkaido, Japan. The Legacy Pack is free content for players who owned 2016’s Hitman, which brings the six locations from that game into Hitman 2 in remastered and enhanced form. Two new items are also available during the Snow Festival, namely the Snow Festival Suit and the Ice Pick, and unlocking them during the event will make them available on a permanent basis.

Console players can try out the new Hokkaido mission and the Snow Festival even if they don’t own Hitman 2 – they can both be downloaded and played for free for the duration of the event, acting as a free trial for new players until the event ends on February 12th. Progress made during the free trial will carry over to the full game should you choose to make the purchase.

The first content release for the Hitman 2 Expansion Pass will also become available from midnight on Tuesday 22nd January. The Winter Sports Pack adds 4 new items to your inventory that can be used in all locations: the Winter Sports Suit; a Piton, which is a metal spike usually used for climbing but used for, well, other things in Hitman; Quickdraw, which is climbing gear that can double as fiber wire when necessary; an Arctic Tool Box, which can be used to “hide illegal items”; and a Snowball, which can be thrown at anyone to “really annoy them”. The snowball seemingly knocks somebody completely off their feet in the trailer below, which seems a bit dramatic to me.

Sadly for Agent 47, there doesn’t seem to be any sign of a new wooly hat in this update. That bald head is going to be freezing!

The sizeable update has also made numerous improvements, tweaks, and bug fixes, and you can read all about them here.



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