Resident Evil 2 remake to get free The Ghost Survivors DLC

The Resident Evil 2 remake launches on Friday (25th January) and players can now look forward to some free post-launch content. During the game’s launch event stream, Capcom announced The Ghost Survivors, which will allow players to play as several new characters as well as introducing some random elements to the game.

The full details aren’t known yet, but we do know that The Ghost Survivors will be released in three volumes. The first volume will include two new playable characters, namely the mayor’s daughter Katherine and a USS member called Robert Kendo, and there will also be at least one new enemy type that doesn’t appear in the main game. The DLC will also add some randomized elements and an in-game shop that will allow players to purchase upgrades purely based on good performance, so players need not worry about microtransactions.

That’s all of the details that are known so far, so it remains to be seen just exactly what this mode will entail, but it does sound like it may be putting a bit of a “roguelike” spin on things, what with the new random elements and the introduction of an in-game shop for purchasing upgrades. Offering a new roguelike-esque mode into the game would give players some longevity and a reason to keep coming back to the game.

There are currently no set release dates for any volumes of The Ghost Survivors DLC but we’ll keep you informed as soon as that information becomes available.

Resident Evil 2 remake launches on January 25th for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.



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