Episode 2 of Life Is Strange 2 launches on Thursday

The second episode of Life Is Strange 2 will finally see the light of day on Thursday 24th January, a ridiculous four months after Episode 1 debuted.

Life Is Strange 2 sees Sean Diaz and his younger brother Daniel going on the run from the police. As an episodic release, the story of Life Is Strange 2 is still ongoing, so you can watch the trailer for Episode 2 below, but steer well clear if you don’t want to catch any spoilers (I certainly won’t be watching it).

Life Is Strange 2 will tie in to The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit, the free-to-play side-episode that released in June of last year. The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit follows 9-year old Chris Eriksen who creates his own superhero alter ego Captain Spirit, and the choices that are made throughout have implications for the story throughout Life Is Strange 2, which Chris will feature in. While it’s not necessary, it’s obviously recommended that you play through The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit before you play Life Is Strange 2 for the complete experience. We recently named it among our 20 favourite free-to-play games on the PS4.

Funnily enough, I’m currently playing through the original Life Is Strange via the Xbox Game Pass. Having played through (and thoroughly enjoyed) the first four episodes within the last couple of weeks, I can most definitely say that a four month gap between episodes is simply way too long. Much like a box set, players get completely engaged and compelled by these episodic games and want to get on with the story; not only that, but even the most patient of players could easily forget the events of the previous episode if they are four months apart. I for one will have to wait for all of the episodes to become available before I invest myself into Life Is Strange 2, which means I may be waiting another year at this rate.

Episode 2 of Life Is Strange 2 will become available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC on Thursday 24th January.



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