Hearthstone hits 100 million players

Hearthstone will celebrate its 5th birthday in March next year, but today it’s time to celebrate another milestone for the game. Blizzard has announced that Hearthstone has hit a whopping 100 million players.

It’s important to remember that this is 100 million players in total since Hearthstone launched, and not 100 million current players, which would just be madness.

To celebrate this milestone, Blizzard is giving away free stuff, namely 6 free packs from The Boomsday Project – Hearthstone’s most recent expansion that launched back in August of this year. To claim your free packs, just log in between November 7th and November 11th. There’s also a new Celebrate the Players quest which “rewards 100 gold when you play a friendly challenge.” This quest is repeatable up to five times, meaning you can earn a total of 500 gold from it.

Blizzard’s first venture into the collectible card game genre has been a phenomenal success for them, thanks largely to its free to play model, its visuals, its easy-to-learn-but-difficult-to-master gameplay and its perfect port over to mobile. We also can’t forget, of course, that it has brilliant music that makes it a relaxing experience to play. Indeed, there a few things in this world as enjoyable as sitting back, putting your feet up, having a cup of tea and playing a few games of Hearthstone.

If you’re a new player that wants to jump on the Hearthstone bandwagon then we’ve got you covered – Glen is our resident Hearthstone expert, and he’s posted all sorts of guides, walkthroughs and free-to-play decks for you over on our YouTube channel.




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