FIFA 19 update nerfs finesse shots

A new FIFA 19 update has gone live on the PC (it will be coming to consoles soon) and it addresses a number of things, most notably a nerf to first-time finesse shots. Bear with me, because I’m about to get all mathematical on your ass.

This nerf will adjust the effectiveness of first-time finesse shots where the incoming ball is coming from behind the shooting player, between 125 and 225 degrees, where 0 degrees is the direction the player is facing. In simpler terms, this means if your shooting player is facing 12 o’clock and the ball is incoming from between his 5 o’clock and his 7 o’clock. Finesse shots in these situations have been noticeably overpowered in this years edition, but this update will mean that these shots are more likely to be impacted by error, resulting in potentially less accuracy, ball speed and spin. EA says that the most significant impact will be seen when the incoming ball angle is 180 degrees (or 3 o’clock, if you prefer my way of explaining things).

The update also adjusts the impact of defensive pressure on a shooting player, with an increased impact of defensive pressure when the defender is in front of a shooting player and a reduced impact of defensive pressure when the defender is behind the shooting player. EA have also noticed that players were getting pushed off the ball too easily by defenders who were approaching from the side, so they have tweaked things so that the attacker will do better at holding the defending player off in these situations. Naturally, EA says that the effect of this change will scale based on the strength of the attacking player, with stronger players seeing the greatest effect from this change.

Elsewhere, there are some minor tweaks, such as an adjustment to the speed by which an attacking player who has just lost the ball is able to recover it and a minor reduction to the acceleration of a player that has executed the Open Up Fake Shot skill move. You will now also be able to see your opponents Timed Finishing indicators in online matches.

There are also numerous bug fixes across all modes, updated team kits and crests and 50 new player and manager starheads. To read a list of all of the changes included in this update, check out the full patch notes here.



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