Gwent’s first expansion has been revealed and will launch on March 28th

CD Projekt Red announced today that the first expansion for Gwent will be titled Crimson Curse. The expansion will sport a vampire theme, bringing with it all-new blood sucking cards to play with.

The expansion will be centered around none other than ‘Dettlaff van der Eretein’ who, if you didn’t know, was a prominent vampire in the Witcher 3’s Blood and Wine expansion that released in 2016. The first content buff for the game will, according to CD Projekt Red, feature over 100 new cards, 31 of which will be neutral, and each faction will receive 14 new cards each; these new cards will bring all new effects such as poison and bleeding, and they will also provide more defensive abilities such as shields and vitality. There also appears to be more powerful abilities, such as the Deathblow:

“attempt to turn the tide of battle using the Deathblow and Berserk gameplay mechanics.”

Only five of the upcoming 100+ cards have been revealed so far, these include: the Disgraced Brawler, the Dryad Ranger, Windhalm of Attre, Plumard, and Samum. All of these cards will include both the standard version of the card as well as the premium animated version:

Although CD Projekt Red probably didn’t see the player uptake they were hoping for, it’s still good to see that they are still committed to the game and, as with any card game generally, the more cards you have the better the game is – as long as they’re all balanced, of course. As mentioned previously, the expansion will be available on Thursday 28th March and will be available on all platforms.



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