Fortnite’s v8.01 patch introduces treasure maps and vaults Bottle Rockets

Fortnite’s pirate theme continues with the v8.01 patch, which brings with it buried treasure, a bunch of game tweaks and a new game mode, as well as vaulting the Bottle Rockets.

The most interesting part of the update are the treasure maps that will see you “uncover hidden loot across the island”. The treasure maps are legendary items so they will be hard to find, and you’ll only be able to hold one in your inventory. Unlike Sea of Thieves, however, you will not have to read the map to find out exactly where the treasure is. Instead, a beam of light will pin point the location of the treasure for you, and when you arrive at the treasure spot you’ll simply use your pickaxe to uncover it.

As mentioned previously, the update also vaults the ‘Bottle Rockets’ which, although extremely fun to use were way overpowered, so they had to go. To see just how OP they were check out the video below:

Other than the treasure maps, this update doesn’t officially bring any new items into the mix, but players have been reporting a strange bug which spawns in ‘respawn vans’. Epic has previously said that they will be trialing in-game respawns and it looks like this feature will be releasing in the not-too-distant future. At first look it appears that the respawn locations will work in a similar way to Apex Legends, which isn’t surprising since the respawn functionality in Apex has generally been well received. This won’t be the first thing that Fortnite has ‘borrowed’ from Apex Legends, Fortnite has recently implemented their own ping system too.

Aside from these changes there’s also a new limited time mode called Slide Duos, where all players have Ice Blocks on their feet and are armed with infinite ammo Grapplers. Friction is greatly lowered in Slide Duos, and max run is increased, so expected to be slipping and sliding all over the shop.

As always, you can read the full patch notes here.



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