GTA Online’s casino will open for business next week

Rockstar has announced that GTA Online’s casino, The Diamond Casino & Resort, will open for business on Tuesday 23rd July.

In their post, Rockstar notes that “the massive construction project on the corner of Vinewood Park Drive and Mirror Park Boulevard is nearing completion”, with The Diamond Casino & Resort being “the one-stop destination for quality entertainment, high-end living and a range of experiences you won’t find anywhere else”.

Specifically, The Diamond Casino & Resort will allow you to play an assortment of mini games against the house, including the likes of Three Card Poker, Blackjack, and Roulette. Slot Machines will also be playable, offering you the chance to win “a variety of prizes”, while Inside Track will be available to give players a place to “watch and cheer along with friends as the drama of virtual horse racing unfolds”. You’ll also be able to spin a Lucky Wheel in the hotel lobby, giving you a chance to earn chips, cash, clothing, or the brand new Truffade Thrax Supercar. The latter of those prizes is only available during the opening week, although Rockstar promises that a new high-end vehicle will be available to be won each week.

There will also be a Casino Store where you can buy a bunch of new clothing items and accessories, and the roof of the Casino is also home to a Master Penthouse which can be purchased, granting the player the ability to fully customize their new pad to make it the ultimate high-end party location. Owning the Master Penthouse will also give the player VIP Membership status in the Casino, giving access to VIP Lounges, High-Limit tables, and a range of “special services” via the Penthouse phone, which includes things such as limousine services. More importantly, owning the Penthouse will also unlock a completely new series of co-operative missions, with awards available to earn for first-time completion and a brand new vehicle available to be earned for hosting the entire story thread.

There’s no word on how much the Penthouse will cost if you buy it with in-game cash, but you can purchase it for free if you’re a Twitch Prime subscriber and you link your prime membership with your Social Club account. You’ll need to claim your Twitch Prime benefits before the end of Friday 19th July to be able to do so, so you need to act fast, and doing so will also earn you $1.25m of in-game cash and up to 15% extra GTA$ on purchases of Shark Cash Cards.

The Diamond Casino & Resort will be available from Tuesday 23rd July. Remember, gamble responsibly folks.



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