The Division 2

Friday’s update for The Division 2 will change mods

The Division 2 is getting a patch that introduces the first true piece of endgame content on Friday, but Massive Entertainment has also announced that the patch will introduce changes to mods. Specifically, skill mods and weapon mods are being changed due to player feedback.

Weapon mods are getting the biggest changes. Currently, weapon mods all have both a positive effect and a negative effect, such as +10% Critical Hit damage coming with a caveat of – 20% Stability. Because of this, many players haven’t bothered equipping certain—or in some cases any—mods, as they think the negative effects outweigh the positives, and I’d have to put myself in that category too. As of Friday, basic weapon mods will come free of negative effects, only offering a positive stat that makes equipping it a no brainer, but more advanced weapon mods will still come with both a positive and a negative stat, although the positive stat will outweigh the negative.

Skill mods, meanwhile, are also being changed to make the skill power stat required to make use of the mod attainable. At present, skill mods require the player to have a certain level of skill power before the mods effects will kick in, but the amounts required are sometimes ludicrously high and many players are having trouble meeting the requirements. Because of this, Massive is lowering the amount of skill power needed to use these mods to make them more attainable, but skill power is also being lowered across the board, so don’t be shocked to see your own skill power stat look lower than usual when you log in post-patch on Friday.

Massive has said that there will be more balancing changes made in the patch, but we’ll have to wait for the full patch notes to be released before we know exactly what else will be changing.



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