The Division 2’s endgame will arrive next week

Massive Entertainment has used today’s State of the Game stream to confirm that the first true piece of endgame content for the game will be arriving next week, on Friday 5th April.

Specifically, that means the Tidal Basin stronghold, which also opens up World Tier 5 and a new highest gear score of 500, giving level 30 players more things to grind for. World Tier 5 and the new highest gear score also allows for the introduction of three new gear sets that can be dropped by Black Tusk enemies, namely the True Patriot, Hardwire, and Ongoing Directive gear sets.

The update will also add the heroic difficulty to the game, which will allow you to repeat content such as Strongholds on the new hardest difficulty setting in a bid to get better loot. Massive has said that nothing will be completely locked behind the new Heroic difficulty, so don’t feel that you need to take it on, but if you want an extra challenge then check it out. Be warned – it’s going to be extremely difficult.

The update will also implement the games first balance patch as well as a number of bug fixes, but we don’t know exactly what changes that will include yet. If you’ve got half an hour free and you want to check out the State of the Game stream then you can do so below. Skip to 21 minutes.



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