Fortnite Update V5.41 Adds Port-A-Fortress and Spikey Stadium and More

The 5.41 update for Fortnite has added a new item into the classic Battle Royale game mode and a new item for the Playgrounds game mode, as well as the usual bug fixes and tweaks to the game.

The first thing we want to talk about is the Port-A-Fortress, which is essentially just a Port-A-Fort on steroids. If you haven’t used a Port-A-Fort before, then it’s a blueprinted structure which is deployed when you throw it on the ground, which means you don’t have to build – which is great for people that suck at building… like me.

The Port-A-Fortress is massive and it deploys instantly, it also comes packaged with two bouncers so you can get the hell out of there quickly if needed – you can find it in Vending Machines, Chests, Supply Drops, and Supply Llamas.

Check out the gameplay footage of the Port-A-Fortress below (courtesy of Reddit):

The second new item is the ‘Spikey Stadium’ and this is only available in the Playground mode. As you’ve probably guessed by its name, it’s an arena that’s full of spikes and bouncers – Epic have said they added it to the game because:

“We were inspired by the amazing things you’ve been making within Playground, and cannot wait to see what you create as we continue to build out the future of creative mode in Fortnite.”

The Spikey Stadium looks cool, and we’re just as eager as Epic to see what people end up doing with it.

Finally, a new game mode has been added to the game titled “Soaring Solos”; this game mode is a ‘Classic Battle Royale’ mode with the added ability to be able to re-deploy your glider whenever you see fit (obviously you’ll need to be airborne i.e. jumping off a building or cliff). It should be a fun mode to play for a while but nothing groundbreaking.

There have of course also been some other minor changes to the game as well as performance optimisations – you can read the full changelog here.







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