Gwent: The Witcher Card Game and Thronebreaker Get a Release Date

It’s been a long time coming but Gwent has finally got a release date. Not only that but has Thronebreaker too, and unsurprisingly both are being released on the same date which is…*drumroll please*…..the 23rd of October – not too long to wait!

Sorry to inform you, console players, but the release date above is for the PC release – it will release on consoles (PS4 & Xbox) over a month later on December 4th.

Many of us have already been playing Gwent for some time, so it’s good to hear we can finally play it without the beta tag soon. And best of all, the full release will, of course, include the massive ‘Homecoming’ update which is essentially a complete facelift for the game – almost all visuals will change with this update and even some game mechanics – some of the changes coming in Homecoming can be found below:

  • Board changing to be three dimensional
  • Heroes will stand to the side of play
  • Three lanes will be reduced to two
  • Other new mechanics

You can view the developer’s update below to find out more about Homecoming:

It looks awesome right?

Now onto Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales. It’s a standalone offline game with an impressive 30-hour campaign (we’ll put that to the test once it’s released). Thronebreaker is of course set in the Witcher universe and follows the story of Meve. You know, the war queen.

All of the cards in Thronebreaker will be unique i.e. they won’t be in Gwent, however, a few cards will be added to Gwent over time.

We do not know yet how much Thronebreaker will cost, however, we’re going to guess that they’ll release it for a mere £20.






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