Fortnite update brings back the Heavy Assault Rifle

Fortnite’s v11.40 update is now live, bringing the Heavy Assault Rifle back after a lengthy spell on the sidelines…sort of.

I say “sort of” because you can only get your hands on the Heavy Assault Rifle by Sidegrading, a new feature which allows you to ‘Sidegrade’ the standard Assault Rifle at Upgrade Machines to turn it into the Heavy Assault Rifle. You’ll need to trade in resources to upgrade your weapon, and the action can only be performed in non-competitive playlists. If you’re unfamiliar with the Heavy Assault Rifle then it has a slower fire-rate than the standard Assault Rifle but it packs a meatier punch. The Assault Rifle is the only weapon that you can sidegrade at this moment in time, but I would be amazed if more weapons didn’t become available for sidegrading in future updates.

This is a relatively small patch so there really aren’t many other changes to report on. iPad Pro players can now play the game at 120 FPS as long as their iPad Pro model is from 2018 onwards, and clickable thumbstick buttons are now usable on supported iOS controllers. The material costs for upgrading weapons at Upgrade Machines has been reduced, and a few items have also been added to Battle Lab.

There are also a handful of bug fixes included as part of this update, and you can read the patch notes here.



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