Fortnite Season 6 Starting on September 27th

As the title says, Fortnite season 6 will start next week on September 27th – there will not be a ‘serious delay’ as previously speculated.

In celebration of Season 6, Epic has given players a massive 400% XP boost this weekend, which should help some of you Fortnite noobs reach the higher levels. The XP boost won’t make you good at the game, but it could help you look good with a new skin.

It’s not yet clear what theme Season 6 will have. Will it have something to do with the now bouncy loot lake? Or maybe something to do with the new ‘frozen forewarning’ skin that was recently released. There are also new lava assets in the Fortnite game files – maybe it’s finally time to see them?

In other Fortnite news, Epic Games have announced that August was the best ever month for Fortnite. They say that a flabbergasting (you don’t see that word used often enough, do you?) 78.3 million players played the game during the month, which is just absolutely incredible. All of the ‘Fortnite is just a fad’ haters must be kicking themselves now – maybe the game is here to stay after all. However, it is important to note that these numbers will be inflated due to the game launching on Android phones and tablets.

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