Fortnite patch turns Neo Tilted into Tilted Town

Howdy partners! Fortnite’s first content update of Season 10 is now live.

The standout change here is a change to a key location of the map. Specifically, a Rift Zone has turned Neo Tilted into “what it was many years in the past”: a stereotypical Wild West area known as Tilted Town. A number of Wild West-esque weapons have been unvaulted for use in Tilted Town only, namely the Double Barrel Shotgun, Six Shooter, Infantry Rifle, and Hunting Rifle. Interestingly, the area also now has a dome surrounding it which prevents you from building or breaking when you’re inside of it. The change to the area in this patch suggests that different areas will be given similar treatment at various points throughout the season, which should keep the map nice and varied at all times.

Outside of the map change, the other changes of note are the addition of the Automatic Sniper Rifle, which boasts bullets that “travel faster than other Sniper Rifles”, and a new limited time mode called Arsenal. The new mode is for solo players only, and all players will start with a higher rarity of weapon, slowly working their way down through rarities with each kill, until eventually getting down to the lowest rarity. The first player to get an elimination with the final weapon will win. Yes, if you’re thinking that this sounds familiar, it is basically Gun Game from various other shooters in years gone by.

Surprisingly, there’s no sign of any nerf to the clearly overpowered mechs as of yet, but I’d be amazed if Epic weren’t listening to player feedback on that front. Perhaps they didn’t have enough time to make any changes for this patch, so maybe we’ll see something in the next patch.

As always, there are a couple of bug fixes and quality of life changes in the patch, and you can check out all of the changes here.



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