Fortnite is Getting Input-based Matchmaking

Fortnite is getting input-based matchmaking soon, according to Epic’s recent state-of-development update.

Don’t know what input-based matchmaking is? Well, good job I’m here to explain it then, isn’t it? Input-based matchmaking means that players will be matched based on what peripheral they’re using; in simpler terms, that means that keyboard and mouse players will be matched against keyboard and mouse players, while players using a controller will be match against players using a controller.

The popular (and correct) opinion is that keyboard and mouse players have an advantage over controller players due to the accuracy and speed with which you can aim using a mouse – this new matchmaking system means that keyboard and mouse players on PS4 will be matched with other keyboard and mouse PS4 players or PC players, while PS4 players using a controller will only be matched with other PS4 players using a controller. The Xbox One does not currently support keyboard and mouse functionality, but Microsoft are looking at changing that.

The new matchmaking system will extend to your entire party, meaning that if any of your party are using a keyboard and mouse then you will all be matched with other keyboard and mouse players, even if some of you are using a controller. There was no mention in the post of whether PC players using a controller would only be matched with players using a controller, but you would presume that to be the case.

The post also mentioned that some form of competitive system is being worked on, and that the system would see players competing directly in the same match and “be recognized for their accomplishments”. There was no further information on what that meant.

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