purple cube

Mysterious Purple Cube Appears on Fortnite map

Things just keep getting weirder in Fortnite.

For a day, purple lightning strikes came from the rift in the sky and began striking the desert, taking cactus after cactus with it. Eventually, the lightning stopped and the rift disappeared, but that final lightning bolt has created a giant purple cube that now sits proudly in the desert as bewildered players watch on in confusion.

Players have been messing around with the cube to try and find out what it’s for; if you hit the cube it will throw you backwards quite a distance and cause you some damage, but the cube does work great as a glorified bouncy castle. Standing near to the cube will rejuvenate your shield.

Players are theorizing over what the cube could be for or whether it contains some kind of item or a hidden message, but Epic Games are keeping any information under wraps. Expect more information and strange goings on to occur as Season 5 continues and leads us towards Season 6.

In the meantime, if you want to visit the cube in-game, just look for it in the desert when you jump out of the Battle Bus; It’s a big bloody purple cube for goodness sake, you can’t miss it.






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