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Fortnite gets new “Getaway” Mode in Patch 5.40

Fortnite’s 5.40 patch has just started rolling out to servers, and it marks the start of the High Stakes event. To kick the event off, we have a new game mode to play – Getaway.

In Getaway, you and your squad must grab a large jewel from one of the drop safes around the map and then get this jewel to a flying getaway van to claim the win. On the official Fortnite site, Epic Games said:

“Four safes have been loaded into supply drops scattered around the island, each carrying a large jewel. You and your crew must locate a safe, pick up the prize inside and getaway with the goods while battling enemies. The first four teams to make their way to a van with a jewel and getaway win!”

While you carry a jewel your movement speed will be slowed down, and you’ll have to build to reach one of the flying getaway vans. This will encourage a lot of team play and coordination and should work in a similar manner to the more traditional multiplayer of Capture the Flag. Rifts and launchpads are also being disabled to make it harder to travel the map whilst carrying jewels, and supply crates will include long-range weapons to make it easier to take out a jewel carrying player from distance.

One interesting thing to note from that quote from the website is that four teams can be victorious, so this is quite a big departure from the “last man standing wins” dynamic that we’ve come to know in Fortnite.

The patch has also added the Grappler which will have 15 charges and will allow you to attach it to a nearby object and pull yourself towards it.

You can find the full 5.40 patch notes here.






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