Football Manager 2019 demo now available

It’s time to give that new suit a test drive, as a Football Manager 2019 demo has been released.

Football Manager 2019 released just a couple of days ago and there will be plenty of people who will have already purchased the game with little hesitation, but if you’re on the fence over whether to buy the game or not then head over to the games official Steam page to try before you buy.

The demo very generously allows you to play half of a season (which is a great offering) to get used to the games in-depth systems and menus before making your decision on if the game is worth your hard-earned cash or not. To make things even better, any progress you make in your half a season will carry over to the full game if you do decide to make the purchase, so make sure you take things seriously.

We all fancy ourselves as a bit of a football manager, often claiming that we could do a better job than our clubs manager and explaining what needs to change when we’re down the pub with our mates. Now is your chance to prove that you truly are a footballing genius that just never got noticed.

Football Manager 2019 is available on Steam for £37.99






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