Fallout 76 map name revealed

Sometimes a developer drops a piece of new, important information so discreetly, so casually. No big announcement, no press release, no presentation. It always baffles me. Bethesda are the latest culprits of this, seemingly revealing the name of the Fallout 76 map in the simple tweet shown below.

That name has never been mentioned in any of the promotion of the game so far, and yet there it is, slotted into that tweet so quietly as if we wouldn’t notice. Well, we noticed.

Yes, that’s right, you’ve been to the Capital Wasteland, you’ve journeyed across the Commonwealth, and now it’s time to discover the wonders of Appalachia. I’m just hoping to discover how the hell to pronounce it. The name Appalachia obviously relates to the Appalachian mountain range, large parts of which run through West Virginia where Fallout 76 will be set.

More importantly, though, there’s a bloody Guitar Sword in the game, but according to Pete Hines (SVP of Global Marketing and Communications at Bethesda), we can’t use it as an instrument. The item is a weapon and can only be used as such. What a missed opportunity.

Fallout 76 will be Bethesda’s first online multiplayer game (how crazy is that in this day and age?) and we can’t wait. The game will release for PC, Xbox One and PS4 on November 14th.






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