E. Honda, Poison, and Lucia confirmed for Street Fighter 5

After accidentally leaking the news on Steam, Capcom has now confirmed what we already knew; E. Honda, Lucia, and Poison will be making their way to Street Fighter 5’s roster in just a few days time.

The three new additions will be made available on Sunday 4th August, the same day as the Street Fighter 5 Grand Finals at EVO 2019. The three characters will be available to purchase individually at first for $5.99 USD, with a Summer 2019 Character Bundle due to be released the following day on Monday 5th August. This character bundle will include different battle costumes for each fighter and will cost $14.99.

Check out the gameplay trailers for each of the three new characters below:

E. Honda Gameplay Trailer

Lucia Gameplay Trailer

Poison Gameplay Trailer

E. Honda made his debut in the Street Fighter series in Street Fighter 2: The World Warriors. His appearance in Street Fighter 5 holds true to that original, with the bath house stage from Street Fighter 2 also heading to Street Fighter 5 as DLC in the near future.

Poison and Lucia will both join the roster from Final Fight. Poison appeared in the original Final Fight as an enemy, with Lucia being a playable character in Final Fight 3 on the Super NES.

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