Donkey Kong 3 and Wrecking Crew coming to Switch Online’s NES library

Nintendo Switch Online subscribers will get two more NES games to play as part of their subscription next week, on Wednesday 17th July.

The first of the two new additions is 1983’s Donkey Kong 3, which took the series into shooter territory. Players take control of a bloke called Stanley (where the bloody hell is Mario?!?), an exterminator who uses bug spray to protect his flowers from the troublesome primate.

The second new addition does have some Mario representation, albeit in a different form than how he is most fondly known. In 1985’s Wrecking Crew, Mario and Lugio are demolition experts as opposed to plumbers, and players must smash their way through objects to traverse through levels and get away from their boss, Spike. We all try to avoid our bosses from time to time, don’t we? Strangely, neither Mario or Luigi can jump in Wrecking Crew, so you’ll have to make use of numerous ladders to progress.

Next weeks update will also add a new rewind function for all of the NES titles that are available to Nintendo Switch Online subscribers. The rewind function will allow players to rewind back through their gameplay to correct any cock-ups by simply holding down ZL + ZR. Check out the feature below.

The new update arrives on Wednesday 17th July.

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